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CVI’s PubIndex represents 30-odd (twenty-seven at present count) leading companies in the publishing and broader information industry. Companies listed on all stock exchanges in North America (with select ADR listings) are eligible for inclusion in the index. There are no specific limitations of the price or the market capitalization of the company. Upon inclusion in the index, financial and operating stability and trading liquidity of the company are reviewed regularly. The goal is to maintain relatively low turnover in the index, occasioned most frequently due to acquisitions and other business combinations by strategic or financial buyers. Changes are made at the sole discretion of the research team of CVI Capital Holdings LLC.

Methodology: CVI’s index value is based on an unweighted arithmetic average of closing prices of thetwenty seven (27) companies on the last trading day of the month. The divisor of the index is adjusted to be consistent with stock splits, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. The beginning value of the index is 100 and the index base is January 31, 1995. The value of the index is estimated as follows: Index Value = (Current Market Value/Base Value)*100. Thus, the percentage return of the index since inception is (Index Value- 100). The percentage return of the index for any other period will be (Index Value1/Index Value2)-1)*100.

CVI PubIndex has been constituted for the sole purpose of illustrating the stock price dynamic within the described “industry”; and should not be considered as an invitation to buy or an offer to sell any security, or combination of securities. This index is unmanaged and cannot be invested in directly. CVI Capital Holdings LLC is the owner of the mark and all copyrights related to the index.